Maxitulin was incorporated in 1997 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, an ISO 9001:2015 compliant Electronic Security & Telemetry / IoT system integrator. Our expertise while operating transnational networks, spreading across South East Asia, India and Middle East, has helped us understand real time security needs across continents. Our strong focus on research and collaboration with leading security and intelligence think tanks helps us to stay ahead of the learning curve.

We commit ourselves in understanding the real needs of our customers in different markets and suggest solutions that are pertinent to them. We develop solutions that has force multiplier effect, thereby helping them save both resources and build resilient enterprises.

Our clients

Services & Products at a glance

The right CCTV system helps in monitoring premises to minimize security threats. Video surveillance system is a critical component of a comprehensive security strategy to help deter crimes.

Maxitulin with trained professional on Facilities, Logistics, Supply Chain and Anti Terrorism and team of engineers designs the right system.


  • Prevention of intrusion
  • Creating safer environment for employees
  • Monitoring visitors and vendors
  • Helping security team to efficiently monitor and manage premises
  • Assisting security officers during a threat or crisis
  • Ensuring security system is performing
  • Reduce Loss

Door access control

One Unified & Integrated System

Our complete enterprise physical security solutions include access control, video surveillance, event monitoring, digital signage, live Internet sourced real-time data and information feeds, mobile applications and cloud-based services.

Web-based and feature-rich.

With unmatched speed and reliability, S2 feature-rich access control systems centralize credential-based access control, intrusion detection and video applications for a unified, 100% web-based management experience.

Cloud-based Services

S2 Security provides multiple services leveraging the power of the cloud to deliver new capabilities to your existing system.

Entry Access Control

Ditec’s automatic swing doors open silently, and are particularly convenient for use by disabled, elderly or ill people. They are controlled by a microprocessor that manages and continuously controls a fluid movement, whilst safety radars instantly detect any obstacles, guaranteeing a completely safe wing movement. They can be installed on both existing and newly-built doors.

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 & virus like Influenza, SARS, NIPAH, EBOLA is critical to any organization. No Touching of Door Handles –

Connect to Existing Door / Existing Access Control System.

HID Fargo

Fargo HID ID Card printers provide superior print quality, durability and security.

There is a wide range of card printers to support both High Definition Print using retransfer technology  and Direct to Card printing.

From the HDP family, HDP5000 is economical while providing precision print quality. HDP8500 is suitable for high volume printing on an industrial level. The newest entry HDP6600 also supports waste less lamination. All three models have the option to support high level of protection by adding Visual Security Elements.
The DTC family consists of C50 which is simple and affordable. DTC1250e and DTC1500 offers additional flexibility and security without paying a premium price. HID Global’s DTC4250e, DTC4500e and
DTC5500LMX comes with additional security features that help ensure that your printed credentials cannot easily be replicated.

pes guard tour

Guard-patrol control, employee patrol evidence and in many other areas.

Based on the respected iButton® technology of the MAXIM/DALLAS company the Portable Electronic Sensors offer the customers many other advantages and with their construction characteristics and unique qualities.

  • PES Data collector: No charging or battery required
  • Built in Battery life span:   5 years or 1,000,000 clocking
  • Water proof, shock proof with anti vandal reports

ANTI-VANDAL® Technology- A Necessity for Guard Tour Reader.


Telematik finds application in lot of industries ranging from logistics, construction. fleet management, rentals, cold chain, education, health care, warehousing, finance, tourism to oil and gas that ensures safety, security, productivity, efficiency of the resources and to generate revenue.