automatic door operator

Ditec’s automatic swing doors open silently, and are particularly convenient for use by disabled, elderly or ill people. They are controlled by a microprocessor that manages and continuously controls a fluid movement, whilst safety radars instantly detect any obstacles, guaranteeing a completely safe wing movement. They can be installed on both existing and newly-built doors.

Preventing the spread of COVID-19 & virus like Influenza, SARS, NIPAH, EBOLA is critical to any organisation. 

No Touching of Door Handles

Connect to Existing Door / Existing Access Control System

Ditec DAB 105 supports up to 200Kg

Ditec DAB 205 supports up to 400Kg

Ditec DAB105 is an electromechanical servo-assisted automation system for swing doors with spring, with 24 V DC gear motor and encoder-managed kinematics, for safe and reliable management of door movement in every situation.

The powerful gear motor easily moves wings up to 200 kg of weight or over 1.2 m of width.

DAB Series is Fire Rated

Ditec SPRINT supports upto 100 Kg

Thanks to its neutral and elegant appearance, the Ditec Sprint automation system is the ideal solution for both residential and high-class environments, such as professional studios, shops, offices and hotels.

Available in light grey, black or elegant satin-finished aluminum, it is suitable for internal swing doors up to 110 kg and 1.2 metres wide.


Contact free access with motion sensors


Contact free access with hand wave sensors

Installed on Type of Doors:

  • Glass Door
  • Fire Rated Door
  • Wooden Door
  • Metal Door
  • Aluminum Door
  • Single / Double Leaf Door

  • Applications & Benefits

    Bio Threat

    Avoid Bio-Threats:

    No touching of the door handles

    Smoke escape

    Remotely open doors to allow smoke to flow out

    Access to Washroom

    Restroom Safety

    Crisis management

    Command Center

    Disabled access

    Handy capped Friendly 

    fire containment

    Fire Resistant Rated


    Main Features:


    Door Safety devices for Ditec DAB 105 / 205 and SPRINT

    REM 90 safety sensor stops door swing if an object or person is within the door swing range

    REM 90- This sensors monitors the presence of obstruction while opening/closing or both to avoid collision and ensure safety of the users.

    complete safety
    device management

    Ditec Product Selection Guide

    Barrier Gate

    Entry access using mobile credential

    We offer a wide range of barrier gate brands (Magnetic controls, BG Drive, MAG) to control vehicle movement in and out of complexes, building and residential estates and suit clients’ budget.

    With barrier gate system integrated with our wide range of access control like Lenel S2, Matrix, EntryPass, MicroEngine, Falco access controllers, we offer high secured and efficient system to access control vehicle management.

    Our Visitor Management system enables recording visitors to premise. Reports of visitors’ name, address, name of host, time checked in and checked out helps managing visitors.

    Our range of high secured access card with HID SEOS, iCLASS Mifare, Proxs, mobile credential, UHF, RFID labels stops cloning of RF cards which is a major challenge specially in residential estates and tower blocks.

    Get the right combination of barrier gate, access controller and RF cards to ensure well controlled and secured vehicle entry & exit.

    Pedestrian Access: Turnstiles

    Higher Security Level->Higher Cost-> Slower Throughputs

    The systematic entry and exit of employees and visitors are gaining in importance in buildings, institutions, complexes and public facilities due to increase security threat globally. 

    Maxitulin offers wide range of Swing, Tripod and Circular turnstiles for high throughput frequencies from Magnetic controls, BG Drive, Boon Edam & MAG. 

    Tripod turnstile with optional drop-arm mechanism permits passage in case of power cut or fire alarm with high-quality stainless-steel housing for indoor or outdoor applications. Tripod turnstile is popular at guard post and construction sites to manage contract workers.

    With our LenelS2, Matrix, EntryPass, MicroEngine and Falco integrated with turnstiles, we offered various security protocol to grant access.  Security access verification can include Man-Trap, First Card User, Time Zones, Occupancy Control etc.