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Door Access Control Systems

Web-based and feature-rich.

With unmatched speed and reliability, Lenel S2 feature-rich access control systems centralize credential-based door access control, intrusion detection and IP camera video applications for a unified, 100% web-based management experience. Designed around the scope of your institution’s needs, LenelS2 systems work with existing infrastructure and peripheral devices, making deployment easy. As your organization and needs grow, migrating to Lenel S2  door access control systems is seamless.

Why Choose S2 Security?

Complete enterprise physical security solutions. 

One Unified & Integrated System

Our complete enterprise physical security solutions include door access control, video surveillance or CCTV, event monitoring, digital signage, live Internet sourced real-time data and information feeds, mobile applications and cloud-based services

Door Access Control System Benefits

  • Seamless Integration with CCTV and Other Enterprise Systems
  • Web-based Interface
  • Scalable System from SMBs to Large Enterprises
  • Customizable IP Camera Monitoring Displays
  • Automated Administrative System Management 
  • Event Management
  • Data Management and Reporting
  • Identity Management
  • Legacy System Upgrades
  • Fully Integrated with S2 Mobile and Cloud Technology
  • Portals: Supports up to 7,168 doors or other access points
  • Event and Alarm Monitoring: Includes comprehensive event logging, notification and escalation
  • Threat Level Management: Provides configurable system status and response actions such as system lock downs
  • Person Record Management: Maintains detailed, credential-driven user records and access history
  • Reporting: Offers predefined and custom reports

Lenal S2 Nodes

Highly flexible components of any Lenel S2 NetBox system, S2 Nodes handle distributed processing and are the connection points for card readers, monitoring points, supervised inputs, relay outputs and temperature points. Door entry control and events from connected devices are aggregated to the user interface for centralized system management

Lenel S2 MicroNode Plus

Designed for localized door access control and event monitoring, S2 MicroNode Plus is also an ideal retrofit solution that will extend the life of your existing security system technology. The seamless upgrade from legacy two-reader panels to S2 MicroNode Plus can be made without replacing card readers, inputs or lock outputs. S2 MicroNode Plus supports up to two portals, four relay outputs, four inputs and one temperature input.

Lenel S2 Cumulus

S2 Cumulus is a powerful, cloud-based tool for monitoring and administration of S2 door access control and IP camera video systems from a single management dashboard.

  • Proactive Health Monitoring: Provides access to diagnostic information such as OS version, last communication to S2 Cumulus and CPU usage
  • Automatic System Alerts: Sends automatic alerts to changes in system status via text or email, reducing time to detect and resolve problems
  • Remote Software and License Updates: Supports remote updates of S2 Magic Monitor software and licenses

Door Mobile Access Control

Available on both iOS® and Android®, the app is designed to provide a touchless, efficient and effortless credential experience. 

  • Tap to Unlock: Tap “Unlock” to send credential to reader
  • Pathways: Pre-load commonly accessed doors along a frequently travelled route
  • Phone as a ID Badge: Use a phone as a ID badge to gain entry
  • Shake to Open and Turnstile Support: Gently shake phone to send credential to turnstile or reader
  • Voice Commands: Ask Siri® to open a door or start a Pathway
  • Favourites: Store commonly used doors so the user does not need to interact with the app to launch the Pathways feature for convenient hands-free access.

Cloud-based Services

Endless service possibilities.

S2 Security provides multiple services leveraging the power of the cloud to deliver new capabilities to your existing system. Cloud technology offers the advantages of large-scale computing resources in an on-demand model, simplifying product and service delivery as well as minimizing cost. With S2 cloud-based services, you can manage your installed S2 products or deploy an access control and event monitoring system. All system information is stored at highly secure data centres that comply with regulatory and audit standards.

HID Mobile & Wearable Access

With HID Mobile Access®, employees can now use their smartphone, tablet or wearable to access doors, barrier gates, networks and more. HID solution for door access control greatly improves user convenience in today’s mobile-first world, as well as makes your organization look more modern and professional with range of HID iCLASS Mifare / Prox and SEOS cards

HID Multi-Technology, Mobile-Enabled Door Access Control Readers

Highly Versatile – Widest range of credential technologies, including HID Mobile Access via native Bluetooth, SEOS and Near Field Communication (NFC) capability. 

Unparalleled Performance – Ultra secure storage of cryptographic keys on certified secure element hardware, plus a new surface detection feature that allows the reader to automatically recalibrate and optimize read range performance.

Connected to the Future – All card readers include out-of-the-box support for Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) for secure bidirectional communication. Each card reader is also designed to be connected and managed remotely without “sneakernet” or the need to be physically touched.

HID SEOS iCLASS Mifare / Prox: Powered by highly advanced encryption and a software-based infrastructure, SEOS secures trusted identities. Strongest authentication for securing access to facilities and IT resources

Web Based DOOR Access & Time Attendance Solutions

Why Matrix COSEC

  • Record “Attendance on The Move” using mobile app.
  • Web Server and Cloud based solutions
  • Door access controller is Wi-Fi enabled. Network cabling is not required. Cost Saving
  • Door access controller’s Bluetooth enables mobile phone access
  • Facial Recognition door access and T&A card readers
  • Offers RF card, biometrics – fingerprint & palm and QR code medium 
  • Comprehensive Time & Attendance with Leave & Shift Management module
  • 8 software modules for various commercial applications
Web Based Access & Time Attendance Solutions Anywhere and Any Time
Mobile App for Marking Attendance and Manage Leaves & Shifts
matrix people mobility management solutions
  • Mark Attendance 
  • View Attendance & Leave Details
  • View Shifts & Schedules
  • Apply for Leave / Tour
  • Apply for Attendance correction
  •  Edit Personal Information
  • Approve Leave / Tour Request
  • Authorise Attendance 
  • Plan Shifts and Schedules
  • View Team Attendance

Software Modules

Add Software modules as and when needed

Cloud Based Time & Attendance on Mobile

Cloud based People Mobility Solutions

COSEC VYOM cloud-based time clock system is a modern age solution providing opportunities to use Software, Data and Services over the internet from any location on any internet enabled device. With support for one million users and 65,000 entry points, COSEC VYOM is a scalable, cloud-based Time-Attendance and Access Control solution.

  • No Capex, Maintenance and Upgrades for IT
  • Pay as per User Days
  • Free Remote Support


MATRIX Time-Attendance with Face recognition provides employees with quick and touchless time-attendance marking. Face recognition systems require a access door controller, IP camera and a server but many customers want an all-in-one Time-Attendance solution 

Automatic Attendance Marking through Wi-Fi / GPS

Facial Verified Attendance Marking

Medium of authentication

COSEC ARC DC200P – Door Access Controller

COSEC ARC DC200P is a multi-door Access Control IP Panel  with PoE+, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

COSEC ARC supports two RF or fingerprint readers on RS485 or third-party readers on Wiegand interface for entry or exit. New age Bluetooth based credentials allow user from their mobile application from a distance and making COSEC ARC an ideal solution for any Access Control installation. Moreover, COSEC ARC is SSL enabled PoE+ controller which provides secure communication between controller and server makes it ideal for any, critical or simple access control organizational applications. COSEC ARC also supports multi-mount options such as wall-mount and standard din rail mount.

Higher Capacity

  • 50,000 Users in server mode & 25,000 in stand alone mode
  • 5,00,000 Events Storage

ip to door

  • No need to lay long cable between control panel and reader or lock
  • Reduce Cost

2-door controller

  • Control Two Doors from One Door Controller
  • Reduce Additional Hardware Device Cost

secured communication

  • Difficult to breach
  • Security

auto push event data

  • Quick Decision
  • Save Time

Easy Integration

  • Seamless Integration with Existing Third Party Wiegand Readers
  • Aux-In and Aux-Out Port to Connect Third Party Devices

Mobile based access

  • Open Door Using User’s Mobile
  • Future Proof, Convenience

Advanced connectivity

  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, PoE+, Ethernet
  • Use Existing IT Infrastructures
  • Meet Future IT Infrastructure Requirements

Compact Design

  • Fits Easily Above the Door on a False Ceiling
  • Fits into Organisation’s Aesthetics Needs

Power to Lock and Readers

  • PoE+ Enables Power to Lock Directly from Device without Adaptor & Reduce Cost