Guard-patrol control, employee patrol evidence and in many other areas.

Based on the respected iButton® technology of the MAXIM/DALLAS company the Portable Electronic Sensors offer the customers many other advantages and with their construction characteristics and unique qualities

PES Data collector:

No charging or battery required Built in Battery life span: 5 years or 1,000,000 clocking Water proof, shock proof with anti vandal reports

TMD-USB adapter

Offers the advantage of a direct download of data from a PES™ sensor to a PC.

Multi coloured tag

Multi coloured location tag base for applications: Security, Maintenance, Cleaning etc

Water Proof IP 68 PES reader

ANTI-VANDAL® Technology, A Necessity for Guard Tour Reader

A clever self-protective system that has been invented for the PES® sensors to equip them with higher anti-sabotage protection. The guard tour system excels by extreme resistance against various kinds of intentional and unintentional damage, which can be detected and recorded. Equipped with unique ANTI-VANDAL® Technology, a self-protective system that can even recognize WHO tried to damage the sensor and HOW!

  • PES Detects 3 levels of hit intensity: small, medium and strong hit.
  • Resistance against the microwave radiation. Detect sensors were placed into a microwave oven.
  • Detects an attempt to damage the sensor by over-voltage. The sensor is able to endure over-voltage up to 265 V and survive portable Tasers up to 200 000 V.
  • High durability and robust construction.
  • Waterproof resistance (IP68).
  • Resistance against high temperatures and big changes of temperatures (-40°C – +85 °C).

Special Events Key Pad : To record different events during the guards´ tour, e.g. a door or a window left open, a broken lock or other abnormalities, guards can carry with them special events key pads.

Key features of the PES™ Guard Tour Sensors

  • Ergonomic design:  Size (90 mm) and weight (49 g) the PES™ sensors 
    • PES™ sensors are the most robust employee-monitoring devices in the world.
    • PES readers are equipped with unique ANTI-VANDAL® Technology, a self-protective system that can even recognize WHO tried to damage the sensor and HOW.
  • Capacity: PES™ sensors offer the maximum capacity of 14,000 readings.
  • Low running costs : 1 million clocking and upto 10-year battery life ensure the lowest running costs to the customer.
  • Wide range of possible use : PES™ system has proved its effectiveness and qualities in a range of different areas and applications, e.g. guard-tour control, postal services, health care services, cleaning services, bus inspectors and many others.
  • Extensive product range: In order to satisfy different needs of customers, the TOMST® company off ers three types of the PES™ sensors: PES profi , PES forte, PES mini. Besides, there is a wide range of accessories available.
  • WinKontrol™ software:  User-friendly software that offers a variety of data reports, from simple tour reports to detailed employee reports.
PES Guard Tour Reports include visited points, missing points, vandalism report  of small, medium, High, microwave and high voltage