Telemetry Mobile Applications

* Vehicle Tracker * Asset Tracker

Monitoring features using GPS / Telemetry Technology

  • Visually know exactly where your packages, trucks or assets are in real time.
  • Let your customers know in real time how far away deliveries are.
  • Monitor the temperature of your goods all along the distribution chain to ensure they stay at the right temperature.
  • Be advised by e-mail/SMS in real time when your product is outside the required temperature and manage the quality of your product.
  • Analyze the temperature variation related to door opening or closing and take preventive measures.
  • Enhanced control over your distribution chain and improved customer service.



Telemetry / GPS Tracking Solution


  • Immobilizer
  • Buzzer
  • Door Sensor & Door Lock
  • SOS
  • Attack Alarm
  • RFID Reader & i-Button Reader
  • Trailer ID
  • Seat Sensor
  • Seat Belt Sensor
  • Motion Sensor
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Fuel & Fuel Flow
  • BLE Sensor
  • Tilt
  • Load
  • Light sensor
  • Tyre sensor
  • Camera
  • Gramin Navigation
  • Alcohol sensor

Concrete Mix

Public Transport


Prime Movers & Trailers

Cold Chain

Non Moving Assets

School Transport

Guideline to Selection of GPS / Telemetry / IoT Trackers

Monitoring Panels

Fleet & Asset Tracking App

Track Player is designed to visualize the movements of one or several vehicles of your fleet. The app allows you to follow units on the map online or switch to vehicle track analysis, view the events on the timeline and on the map and view pictures from tracking devices to get a comprehensive picture of unit movements.

Enjoy simple timeline navigation, play several track at once and adjust playback speed whenever you want it with Track Player application

Dashboard is designed to visualize the key performance indicators and customize them in the most efficient way. Monitor average and maximum speed, mileage, fuel consumption, engine hours and time in trips, enjoy handy data visualization and customizable charts and make use of comparative analysis of any chosen parameters.

With Dashboard you see the whole picture of fleet performance within a customizable work area.

Sensolator provides for handy monitoring of counter and sensor values from both stationary and moving units.

Enjoy fully customizable interface allowing for real-time asset management and making all the values clearly visible. 

There are many number of sensors to track various aspects of unit activity. Whenever the number of sensors amounts to a dozen, data visualization really matters. 


Effective online monitoring pre supposes constant data sending. Whenever a device fails to send the data appropriately this may signify issues pending your attention. 

The app is designed to detect inactive vehicles – those not sending data for a long period of time.

Eco Driving module is intended to improve fleet safety, ensure cost-effective fleet maintenance, reduce fuel costs and enhance cargo safety. The assessment model is based on six violation criteria, including abrupt acceleration, hard braking, sharp turns, speeding, reckless driving or custom violation with customizable coefficients set up individually. 

Reduce fuel costs, ensure cargo safety, prolong vehicle life and rate up driving quality with Eco Driving.

iDrive Safe: Driving style is what mostly impacts safety and needs to be strictly controlled. A powerful analytics offered by iDrive Safe allows for driver behavior assessment based on three main recorded parameters: harsh braking, hard acceleration and sharp turn.

Logistics: Businesses all over the world strive for process automation. Two separate applications for drivers and dispatchers allow you to maintain control over the whole order management process, including order placement, planning, distribution, route optimization and coordination.

Delivery Services: Be sure to choose the optimal route between key points with Delivery Service. The app is designed to ensure that your vehicles are always in time no matter how challenging the task is. It helps to calculate the best route considering vehicle location and the desired time of arrival and saves the best route for further application.



The solution for fleet maintenance control. Preventive maintenance, Repairs & Other works


Discover where your fuel goes

Personal Tracker

A personal GPS tracking system can allow you to keep an eye on your kids and aging parents. It can help you locate them if they get lost or in the case of an emergency. A GPS locator can give you an extra layer of protection and safety for your love one’s.

With a single press of the SOS button, notification will be send to command center and the device automatically dial to a predefined number.

Can make calls to 4 pre defined mobile / land line numbers by single press of a button.

Store maximum 20 mobile / landline numbers in the device address book.

Incoming calls from mobile / landline numbers which are not in the white list will be rejected.

Receive only incoming messages.

Command Centre management